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An indulgent day focused on you and your health

“Recovering from a broken leg, carrying far too much weight, not feeling good about myself, and turning fifty, I knew I needed help. This is what brought me to Clancy. She has been able to guide me with what I am eating and I have to say I have never enjoyed food (the right food) so much and have lost nearly 20kgs! My private sessions are so helpful with not only my exercise but my state of mind. I leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to tackle everything head on.If anyone needs help with weight loss, fitness, a clearer understanding of what foods to eat and why, I could not recommend Clancy highly enough.I know with Clancy’s help I WILL BE FIT FABULOUS AND FIFTY.”

Sharon Faulks
Canungra QLD

“I was feeling sluggish, unmotivated and finding too many excuses not to exercise regularly. I really wanted to tone up several areas of my body, and lose a couple of kilos, so I contacted Clancy and started working with her twice a week. Now I have a goal to work towards, and the sessions really push me to work harder than I would on my own. The variety of exercises and her enthusiasm is keeping me motivated and enjoying each session.”

Annette Van Moorsel
Yatala, QLD

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Find Out How To Stay Motivated

Motivation is something that most people struggle with – “I don’t feel like exercising today or do whatever..” I will share with you one or two things that get me motivated to exercise and do the right thing: MUSIC. If I am feeling flat and feeling like “ooh do I...

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